Reader’s Digest: One-Year Subscription Deal

UPDATE: The pricing for this deal changed since I posted it.  One-year subs are now $10 and two-year for $15… Thanks for the heads-up, msdclay!

For a limited time, Reader’s Digest is offering its one-year subscription for only $3.99.  This deal is available online directly from the magazine.  That’s a savings of 91 percent… Not sure how long it will be around, so jump if you’re interested!

Thanks to Being Resourceful for this deal!

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  1. Sarah says

    I’m reading all around the internet that people are getting it for 3.99 and some are getting it for 5. Just the chance you take I guess.

  2. Pat says

    I just used the link also and my order price came out to be $5.00, not $3.99, but that’s still a good price for a year’s subscription. I also requested a bill rather than paying with a credit card. Will let you know what happens. The subscription is supposed to start in 2 to 4 weeks.

  3. Angela says

    I used the link provided for the $3.99 pricing and received an e-mail confirmation of my order but the price was $5 for the subscription. Still not a bad price for a full year.

  4. says

    Hi all – It seems that the offer is for one year subscription at the regular price of $3.99/issue. I called customer service to confirm (800.304.2807) and they denied the $3.99/year as valid. They do however have 1 yr (10issues) for $10 and 2 yrs for $15 on their website (upper right corner).

    • admin says

      Thanks for letting me know. The pricing must have changed after it was up awhile. I changed to post.