Calf Scramble

New Calf Scramble Event Announced For Rodeo Houston 2020

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo recently announced a New Calf Scramble Event “Super Scramble” for 2022. The event will debut Saturday, March 19, 2022, and award up to $42k in cash prizes for the Texas youth.

What is Super Scramble?

The Super Scramble is an extension of one of Rodeo Houston’s fan-favorite events, Calf Scramble, which happens nightly after the rodeo action. The Super Scramble will invite 19 “First Catch” scramblers from each of the earlier 19 Calf Scramble performances to take part in the event. These 19 scramblers will try to catch one of the nine calves during the event, and each one of them will get a cash prize based on their performance.

Rodeo Houston New Super Scramble Event Cash Prizes 

  • First catch: $10,000
  • Second catch: $6,000
  • Third catch: $4,000
  • All remaining catchers: $2,000
  • Non-catchers: $1,000
  • Total purse for Super Scramble performance: $42,000

Winners will get the cash prizes on completing their scramble project and returning to the show the following year.

About the Calf Scramble Program

Calf Scramble

Calf Scramble is one of Rodeo Houston’s most spirited and heartwarming events. It happens after the rodeo action in the NRG Stadium. The event comprises Texas 4-H and FFA members and calves darting across each direction on the floor of the NRG Stadium. It is unscripted, chaotic, and hence, a favorite among Rodeo events.

Students who catch a calf successfully get a $1750 certificate to buy a registered beef heifer or market steer to show at the Rodeo the following year. When the student returns as an exhibitor, he or she participates in a special contest with other Calf Scramble winners.

About Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Also called Rodeo Houston, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the largest livestock exhibition and rodeo in the world. It was founded in 1931 as the Houston Fat Stock Show. The event is 20 days long and has been held at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, since 2003. The event features a range of shows that involve livestock competitions, a carnival, pig racing, championship rodeo action, and many others. To know more, click here.


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