Much of the panic about the coronavirus outbreak stems from the fact that the amount of current cases remains largely unknown. Test kits are in short supply, making it impossible to know just how prevalent the spread of the virus has been up until this point. While many of the nation’s largest medical manufacturers are hard at work to produce test kits, one Texas-based startup has just unveiled a new at-home coronavirus test kit it hopes can help turn the tide against this deadly virus.

Austin-based digital health company Everlywell has issued a press release announcing their in-home COVID-19 diagnosis kit. An initial supply of 30,000 kits was made available to the public on March 23, 2020, but the company plans to scale up their infrastructure in order to have capacity for a quarter of a million people each week.

Founder and CEO of Everlywell Julia Cheek says the test is part of her company’s overall mission of making sure everyone has access to affordable, easy-to-use home testing. “Everlywell was founded to give people affordable, convenient access to lab testing. Never has our mission been more important,” said Cheek. “Our team has been working around the clock with top scientists and laboratories in the nation to develop a test that we will make available at the lowest price possible while covering our costs, at no profit to the company. We have also reached out to government and public health officials to explore possibilities to provide it for free.”

Everlywell’s COVID-19 test kit can be requested online by anyone experiencing symptoms of the virus: fever, cough, and shortness of breath. The kit will be shipped to customers with everything needed to collect a sample and ship it safely to a certified laboratory partner where it will be tested for the virus. Secure digital results are available online after just 48 hours, and Everlywell has partnered with board-certified physicians to offer telehealth consultations for customers who test positive.

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