aaptiv free trial

Isn’t is amazing what we’re able to achieve with the use of technology? You can have your groceries delivered now, we get work done much faster than we used to, and you can even watch what your dog is up to from home! Technology has some of the best uses, and one of them is achieving that body you’ve always wanted without going to the gym.

Getting that summer body has never been easier with workouts provided to you for streaming on your phone or laptop. But how do you know which app to choose from? Now you don’t have to! You can begin by starting a FREE one-month trial with Aaptiv with their excellent app that’s perfect for this time when we’re all staying at home.

No more scrolling for workout apps wasting time not working out. Aaptiv has everything you need to get in shape while having some fun.

With your free-trial offer you’ll get access to thousands of workouts with more than 30 new classes added every week in popular and growing categories — all for a full month.

They even include the ability to connect with a community in their app. You can share selfies of your workouts, show support with the online group confetti, and connect with Team Aaptiv all in one app.

Additionally, all the programs you choose are tailored specifically for your fitness goals. With multi-week plans offered to you for weight loss, to race training and flexibility, maternity and much more. Boring workouts are a thing of the past with the Aaptiv app.

You’ll stay inspired with unlimited access to thousands of workouts for all your fitness goal needs — all with expert trainers guiding you through every single workout and step. The trainers are dedicated to your success and provide you techniques, tips, and encouragement for real lasting results at any level.

Get moving to the music you love listening to and try a FREE 30-day trial with Aaptiv.