Adventure Academy


As parents, a great deal of time is spent on finding new ways to help our kids learn new things. This usually involves supplemental materials outside of school. Some parents focus on educational games, workbooks, or websites that provide additional learning opportunities. If you have children between the ages of 8-13, you might have heard of Adventure Academy. Adventure Academy is a mix of education and fun! Kids will get to learn through games, interact with friends, and create a space that is designed to foster learning and creativity! Best of all, Adventure Academy is currently offering a one-month trial, so kids can start learning for free!

Get your 30-day Adventure Academy trial, today!


Benefits of Adventure Academy

The main benefit of Adventure Academy is that is makes learning fun! Adventure Academy is an immersive virtual universe. Hundreds of hours of activities are available. Each activity is focused on teaching children something. This gives them the chance to have fun and learn at the same time!

Your kids will be able to make avatars of themselves for the Academy. This allows them to travel the interactive world and to play with friends. They will be able to customize their avatar and even gain new outfits and accessories as they progress through the world. They can even decorate their own home base. This makes interacting in the world and with their friends a more exciting experience!


What Subjects Does Adventure Academy Cover?

Adventure Academy covers all of the basic subjects for ages 8-13. Everything is wrapped in an immersive storyline/MMO so kids will be learning while they are having fun! Here is a small sample of what Adventure Academy focuses on:

  • Language Arts (Main Idea, Comprehension, Writing, and Spelling)
  • Math (Multiplication, Division, Geometry, Fractions, Word Problems, and Decimals)
  • Science (Forces and Motion, Ecosystems, Environment, Molecules, Atoms, and more)
  • Social Studies (Maps, Globes, Geography, History, Economics, World Cultures, and more)


Experience Adventure Academy Free!

When you sign up for Adventure Academy, you’ll get the first month for free. This gives you the chance to experience everything without risk. You’ll have a full month to ensure that Adventure Academy is working for your children. If it’s not, you can cancel immediately, and you won’t be charged. Sign up for your free 30-day Adventure Academy trial to get started!

If you find that Adventure Academy is a great educational supplement, you can save money by signing up for the annual plan. This gives you a year of Adventure Academy for just $60! That saves you about 49% off the regular prices. In fact, it gives you the equivalent of more than 5 months for free! Again, you can cancel any time. So, if you sign up for a year and don’t want to renew, just cancel and your package will end when your year is up.


Device Details

Adventure Academy works on most devices, so whether your kids prefer the computer or a mobile device, they should be covered. At this time, Adventure Academy works on both iOS (iOS 11 and higher) and Android (7.0 and higher) mobile devices. When it comes to computers, you can choose Windows running Windows 7 SP1 or better. As for Mac OS, you’ll need an OS X 10.11 or better to accurately run Adventure Academy.

Are you planning to try Adventure Academy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!