With plenty of Mexican influence, Texas has a musical genre all its own — Tejano music. This genre is an amalgamation of Mexican and Spanish vocal practices, Czech and German dance rhythms, and a certain magic that’s born when these two polarized traditions combine. As far as its musical leaders go, Selena Quintanilla reigns supreme as its undisputed queen. 

Selena’s legacy strongly lives on, especially in her native state. She is not only known for the impression she made on music and her representation of Mexican-American heritage, but also her fascinating, tragic, and powerful story. 

This week marks the launch of the “Anything for Selena” podcast, made for both life-long fans and listeners wanting to know more. 

Presented by WBUR and Futuro Media, this podcast features nine episodes about the life and work of the dynamic Selena Quintanilla. This podcast offers so much more than just a biographical snapshot of Tejano’s queen. The podcast goes deep into the contexts behind what she created, and why she continues to be so highly valued today. 

Host Maria Garcia poetically analyzes themes of social justice, cultural connotations, and political influences in relation to Selena’s career. Additionally, Garcia touches on how influential the icon has been in her own life. Garcia, a super fan herself, provides a necessary perspective as one of the many people who have been tremendously impacted by Selena.

Although the podcast is in remembrance of Selena, the content carries into present-day and future discussions. Selena’s story bears great relevance to many of the issues our society still wrestles with today, nearly 20 years after her death. 

The “Anything for Selena” podcast is widely available through several streaming services. Each episode will be available in both English and Spanish. To find out more about where you can listen, please visit WBUR’s website