Attention, art enthusiasts — Archway Gallery is exhibiting an exciting installation from now until Thursday, February 4th, 2o21. 

This exhibition, aptly named “Duo,” features two artists; Jiashan Lang and Anthony Pabillano. The pair are related in the sense that they both create figurative work; however, they each express this subject in very different ways. 

Jiashan Lang creates three-dimensional figurines that include intricate features and other incredibly detailed elements. The artist draws much of her inspiration from Chinese history, culture, folklore, and traditions. Even her choice in material is rooted in this core focus — these ornate yet delicate figurines are crafted from rice dough. 

Anthony Pabillano focuses on two-dimensional work that ranges in size from medium pieces to life-size creations. He creates these works from layering paper, which results in an impressively realistic effect. Pabillano finds his subjects through his everyday life. They often represent people whom he’s crossed paths with or people he’s significantly inspired by. 

Although these two bodies of works are quite different, they both focus on a commonality that anyone can relate to. This shared theme is identity, and it courses through both Lang and Pabillano’s craft. 

If you can’t make it into the gallery, these pieces can be viewed virtually through its online store. Additionally, if you’re interested in viewing the reception of this show and its adjoining artist talk, you can do so on the Archway Gallery’s Facebook page.

If you’re looking to infuse your everyday life with a little more art, taking a peek at “Duo” is a perfect place to start. In fact, why not make a day of it by visiting the Museum of Fine Arts Houston as well? There are so many ways to enjoy Houston on the cheap — learning about art is definitely one of them!