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Ars Lyrica Houston, the Grammy-nominated early music ensemble, is about to celebrate 50 episodes of the online series, Community Through Music. Each episode is artfully crafted to highlight prior accomplishments while looking to the future of performing arts.

For the 50th episode of free programming, Ars Lyrica staff member Emma Wine is assembling a diverse group of American-based professionals for a round-table discussion. This will be part of the series, Musical Moments, and will be the 50th episode of free programming. This episode comes as the organization has recently revamped the young professional series in hopes that it will spark curiosity with global audiences seeking a connection through the arts.

Wine spoke about the upcoming episode saying, “It’s important for us as young professionals in the arts world to capitalize on this moment where the rest of the world is suddenly aware of how incredible the internet can be. I want to get arts professionals of my same age together in one room, not just to talk about challenges and hopes for the future, but to brainstorm concrete ways we can work together to strengthen the voice and perceived importance of the arts.”

Kathleen Staten, marketing associate for Ars Lyrica saw an opportunity to bring performances to a new audience during the shelter-in-place order. According to Staten, “There are a standard set of audience objections to attending live events: parking, distance, time, expense. Online programming is the ultimate answer to breaking down barriers between us and our audience.” That said, Staten does realize that live performances offer an energy that isn’t often felt online. She goes on to say, “Whether you are looking for social, educational, or musical events, Ars Lyrica has something for every audience member.”

If you want to celebrate with Ars Lyrica, check out the following Celebration programming events to learn more.


Celebration Programming Dates:

Saturday, August 1: 10 a.m. – Musical Moments – The Future of the Arts

Sunday, August 2: 4 p.m. – Concert & Conversation – Reflection, Invention, Evolution


If you like what you see, you should consider an Ars Lyrica Subscription. There are several options available including:

  • Educational: All educational programming is absolutely free with an RSVP
  • Musical: Includes live and pre-recorded music. Artists are on hand for in-depth conversations on many topics. $10 per event or $100 annually.
  • Social: Visit with artists for BYOB cocktails and conversation. $10 per event or a $25 one-time fee
  • Concert Broadcasts: $10 per concert or $80 for all concert broadcasts
  • All-inclusive: Everything for $150

Executive director Kinga Ferguson said in a press release, “I see our Community Through Music online series as a virtual bridge to the future connecting existing audiences, new audiences, international artists, creative teams, and partner organizations while we strengthen our arts community in Houston and build global audiences for early music.”

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