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Editor’s Note: These deals change often, and while we do our best to keep this guide current, things can change quickly. To learn more about the current AT&T  internet deals in Houston and all across the country, call 855-946-1969. 

Let’s be honest. Ordering cable and internet is never fun. It’s actually downright stressful. There’s the price comparison and scheduling the tech to come out for the install – so many moving pieces. So isn’t it nice when you get a little sometime fun (and free!) when you sign up? Right now AT&T is offering just the thing. Sign up today for internet and they’ll throw in up to $100 in reward cards you can use at many stores, restaurants, and websites for free with this AT&T internet deal!

Right now in February 2020, AT&T is offering low-price contracts for their fiber-fast internet, which is good news for people who love to surf the web, scroll through Facebook and Insta posts, and stream amazing content on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. With this current offer you can get 300Mbps of speed – perfect for streaming and TV – for just $50/month.

Are you a gamer and need something a little more powerful? There are plans available with a 1000 Mbps connection for only $70/month. Both options are powered by AT&T Fiber, guaranteeing you some of the fastest speeds available for whatever your internet needs are.

And on top of all of that, you’ll get your $100 rewards cards you can spend at certain stores and restaurants. But don’t wait too long to decide – this deal won’t last forever!


Tips for Scoring AT&T Internet Deals

AT&T offers rotating deals all throughout the year on their internet plans, so to score the best deal, we recommend the following:

  • Figure out what internet speed you’ll need for your typical usage so you don’t overspend on a plan that offers more than you really need.
  • Make sure you understand any promotions and special deals before you buy.
  • Be aware of the contract length you’re signing up for and note any early termination fees.


Which AT&T Internet Plans Are Available?

Plans can vary greatly from location to location, but in general, AT&T offers a good selection of internet plans with fast speeds at affordable prices.

In general, Houston has some of the fastest AT&T internet speeds in the country, exceeding the basic service offered in many parts of the US.

At the time of this writing, local AT&T internet plans include:

  • Internet 100 — Up to 100 Mbps speed, perfect for standard web browsing.
  • Internet 300 — Up to 300Mbps speed, great for streaming your favorite TV shows and movies.
  • Internet 1000 — Up to 1000 Mbps speed for those who game online or have connected homes with lots of smart devices online.


AT&T Internet Contracts: Key Details

In most cases, you’ll need to commit to a contract when signing up for internet service with AT&T, especially when taking advantage of one of their special deals or promotions.

Details can vary, but you can typically expect to sign up for 12 months of service to lock in your rate and any special rewards you might get for the current promotion. If you cancel your contract early, you will likely be charged an early termination fee that could cost $100 or more depending on how much time is left on your contract.

If you’re someone who plans on moving in the next 12 months to an area where AT&T internet service might not be available, you may be better off trying to get on a month-to-month plan with them, but this will come at a higher rate.


How is AT&T Internet?

While everyone’s experience is unique, we’ve found AT&T’s internet service to be consistently fast and reliable in the Houston market. Many customers say they would recommend the service to a friend.


Get the Latest AT&T Internet Deals & Promos

Sign up today for internet and they’ll throw in up to $100 in reward cards you can use at many stores, restaurants, and websites for free with this AT&T internet deal!

If you’re in the market for a new internet provider, this may be the deal for you. It’s only available online, so make sure to click here to order today or call 855-946-1969while this offer is still available!