Governor Greg Abbott announced that many parts of the economy could reopen today, but some officials felt that orders about what could and couldn’t reopen were vague. Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough questioned the governor’s order as “uncommonly vague” and planned to allow every business to reopen unless further clarification came from the state. This prompted Attorney General Ken Paxton to clear up any confusion that county judges might have.

One of the top lawyer’s in Paxton’s office, Ryan Vassar, deputy attorney general for legal counsel, offered some clarification, stating that the governor’s order is “neither vague nor unenforceable.”

According to the letter that was sent out by the attorney general’s office, “Some services are neither essential nor reopened services.” Vassar went on to say, “These include ‘bars, gyms, public swimming pools, interactive amusement venues such as bowling alleys, video arcades, massage establishments, tattoo studios, piercing studios or cosmetology salons.”

Abbott’s order does allow restaurants, movie theaters, malls, and stores to reopen at a 25% capacity. Another round of business re-openings is currently set to reopen around May 18. Abbott has stated that barbershops and salons could open before this time, but a date for reopening has not currently been set.