Baby Lemur

Mama & the baby lemur recently born at the Houston Zoo

Cairrean, a seasoned mother at the Houston Zoo, gave birth to a small ring-tailed lemur on Monday. The yet to be named baby, who is anticipated to weigh three ounces at birth, will cling to Cairrean’s chest for a few weeks before transferring to her back and remaining clingy to mom until he or she is many weeks old.

Guests of the Houston Zoo can witness ring-tailed lemurs in Wortham World of Primates in the Zoo’s center, which helps to fund lemur conservation efforts. Most mornings, Mom and Baby are expected to be in the lemur habitat before retiring to their night quarters for the rest of the day.

Houston Zoo Supports Conservation of Lemur & Other Rare Animals 

The Houston Zoo is committed to the conservation of wild creatures, particularly endangered lemurs. Lemurs are only found on Madagascar’s small island, and they are threatened by deforestation, habitat fragmentation, and hunting. The Houston Zoo collaborates with GERP, a French abbreviation that stands for Primate Education and Research Program, a Malagasy (native people of Madagascar) conservation group established in Madagascar, to save these animals from extinction.

Many Malagasy researchers and conservationists have grown up in the places where they now work to safeguard species and habitat, and GERP is made up of them. They not only deal with hazards to animals, but they also have a good grasp of the problems that their own community faces. They effectively safeguard the forest and lemurs in Madagascar by identifying solutions that benefit both people and animals.

People can help rescue these rare animals right at home by just being cautious of the types of woods they purchase. Many valuable timbers, such as rosewood and ebony, are illegally harvested from Madagascar’s forests and used to make furniture, musical instruments, and other products. Wherever possible, avoid rosewood and ebony and opt for locally sourced wood items.

About the Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is an extensively spread zoological park located within the Hermann Park in Houston, Texas. The zoo is home to over 6,000 animals from 900 species and connects communities with animals, thus inspiring action to save wildlife. To know more about the Houston Zoo, click here.


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