back to school shopping

At this point in the summer, you’re either wishing school would start already or you’re feeling that #momguilt for not making the best of your summer. Either way, we are just itching to take away some of that burden.

School supplies, dorm essentials, and back-to-school clothes can really stress your budget but it doesn’t have to! We’ve racked our brains for the best ways to save and make those shopping trips a little less stressful.

Here are our best back to school shopping tips to save big this year:



The best way to begin your back-to-school shopping quest is without leaving the house! Do a sweep of your house for all of the supplies you already have- pens, pencils, staples, paper, whatever is on the list. Hit up your friends and family {if they don’t have their own students to shop for} and ask if they have any office or school supplies you can have. You’ll be surprised how many pencils and notebooks you can dig up if you just ask! Those savings can add up pretty quick!


There is a reason that so many teachers request name brands products and it’s not because they’re picky. Tried, tested, and true, there are certain brands of writing utensils art supplies which are just superior- they last longer, break less easily, and produce better results. If you aren’t sure which name brand supplies on the list are most important, shoot an email to the teacher and ask or just wait a few more days until you can talk to them.


Not yours, theirs! Many stores offer deals and discounts through social media. Follow your favorite locations on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and you’re bound to see some coupons posted. Just click, print, and save for some great back to school savings!


Thrifting is good for the economy and good for the environment but today, we’re worried about your wallet. There is absolutely no shame in shopping thrift and discount stores. Search for previously-loved clothing, uniforms, sports equipment, and yes, even school supplies! If you can’t find your uniforms at the thrift store, ask your child’s school if they offer a uniform exchange. You may also want to hold off on shopping for clothes until the weather cools off, saving more cash for the essentials. Check out our guide to the best thrift stores in Houston.


There are a lot of great reasons to shop for school supplies online. A. You don’t have to cart the kids to the store and tell them “no” a million times. B. Easy price comparisons! C. Use a browser extension for even more discounts and cash back, some browser extensions even do the price comparisons for you. D. You can make the kids do it for you! Get them involved in making financial choices and let them do the searching. Just make sure you have the final approval.


If you have a student entering college, get that student ID and ask EVERY store you go to if they offer a student discount. You’ll be surprised at how many stores offer 10 – 15% off just for being a college student! Never pay full price! Check out our guide to student discounts in Houston.


What are your best tips and tricks for getting school-ready on a budget? Share your best back to school shopping ideas with us in the comments section below: