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A trip to an amusement park can fill the day with plenty of fun for your kids, but it can also break your wallet. But right here in Houston, there’s a place that can keep everyone having fun for hours for one low rate.

Balaxi Entertainment, located at 13150 Breton Ridge St., is the ultimate indoor amusement park offering everything from arcade games to a laser maze — even a virtual reality roller coaster that you design! And it only costs $15 per day Mondays through Fridays for unlimited access to those attractions.

So, what do you get for $15? Unlimited use of nine incredible and exhilarating attractions, including:

  • Indoor go-karts — for those who are at least 9 years old and 48 inches tall — can hit speeds of up to 36 mph.
  • A skyscraper ropes course 20 feet in the air is the ultimate test of bravery.
  • A rock-climbing wall challenge lets kids compete against each other on an augmented, electronic wall that gives turn-by-turn climbing directions.
  • Glow-in-the-dark mini golf offers a unique spin on a favorite old pastime.
  • And a ninja course not only tests your kiddo’s athleticism, balance, strength, and coordination — it’s also incredibly safe in case they take a tumble.

There’s also the Lazer Maze, which tests your kids’ ability to avoid moving green laser beams, but also your speed to reach the end of a Mission Impossible-style adventure. And then Bazooka Ball is a “paintless” paintball game that develops leadership and teamwork skills in a fun environment.

While some of these attractions are geared toward slightly older kids, there is one attraction — Soft City — that’s perfect for toddlers and those under the age of 7. Soft City lets your younger kids jump around, climb ladders and crawl through a safe, clean play area while you relax on the sidelines.

All of this is only $15 per child on weekdays for as long as you want to spend time there that day. So, for a family with two kids, it’s $30 plus a little extra for lunch can keep your fun family activity on the cheap and your kids happy.

Your kids will probably love it so much that they’ll ask to host their upcoming birthday party at Balaxi Entertainment. If that’s the case, you’re also in luck. The Houston location features four party rooms for kids (there’s also a room geared toward corporate events for the adults, too!), including one called “Electric Avenue” — an incredible dance room that features an interactive dance game on the floor.

Ballocity is another popular party room for kids under the age of 10. The room incorporates Balaxi’s paintless paintball machine guns for a fun, Nerf-like combat competition.

For more details, check out the Balaxi website where there’s way more information. Game on!


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