Looking to go camping with your family this summer? We have a fun list of activities that you can enjoy along with the best Houston area campgrounds to enjoy them. 

Camping with family is a great time to have fun, make memories, and connect with the family and nature. Aside from the benefits of exploring the outdoors, getting a breather from the hustle and bustle of city life can help you relax and create lasting memories that the whole family will cherish forever.

How To Prepare For A Camping Trip With Your Family 

A few days before your camping, make sure to prepare enough food and water for the whole family—store food in air-tight containers to avoid bugs and insects from crawling in.

When packing, don’t forget the essentials, including insect repellent lotion, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, thick socks, a warm jumper, and other clothing to protect yourself from warm sunny days and cold nights.

Many parks around Houston are in remote locations, meaning medical aid can be miles away. Make sure to bring a first aid kit to be ready for any minor accidents.

Before setting up the tent, look around and observe for potential risks around the area. We highly recommend avoiding setting up your tent under large gum trees. There are a few heavy species that may drop large branches at any time.

Now that you have the tent set up, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors!

Fun Family Activities While Camping & Houston Area Campgrounds To Enjoy Them 

Here is a set of camping activities for the whole family, as well as family campgrounds in and around Houston where you can enjoy them:


One of the best camping activities for kids, fishing lets your children get closer to the wonders of the water! You can teach or guide your kids on how to properly hold a fishing rod

It can also teach kids about patience —wait with them until you both catch a bass or a trout and celebrate the feat with them!

You can enjoy fishing at Brazos Bend State Park, The Galveston Island State Park, Huntsville State Park, Double Lake Recreational Area, North Houston KOA Campgrounds, and Meriden State Park.


Kids never say no to playing in the water! If your kids prefer to swim, opt for campgrounds with lakes or rivers.

Have fun swimming at The Galveston Island State Park, Meriden State Park, and Cedar Hill State Park.


Go for chill, exciting walks around the park with the whole family! Witness and discover the wonders of flora and fauna, and your kids will surely thank you for it!

Hike the trails of Cedar Hill State Park, The Galveston Island State Park, Huntsville State Park, Double Lake Recreational Area, Lake Houston Wilderness Park, and Brazos Bend State Park.


These are some of the many campground activities the whole family can enjoy when the night settles! You can enjoy night activities at any campground in and around Houston!

Family friendly Camping in and around Houston


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