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Visiting a nail salon is the definition of self-care. Not only do you get to relax while someone gives you the full spa experience, but you also come out of the salon with a new work of art on your nails. Whether you’re looking for a manicure or a pedicure, whether you prefer standard nail varnish, acrylics, or dip powder, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best nails salons in Houston.

Best Nail Salons In Houston

1. Milano Nail Spa The Heights

courtesy Milano Nail Spa The Heights

Milano Nail Spa the Heights offers manicures with hand massages and hot towel wraps, a full range of dip powder, shellac, and acrylic options, extensions for hand and feet, and a Little Princess range of kids’ nail services under $12. The complimentary drink menu features soft drinks, wine, cocktails, coffee, and tea, for a wonderfully pampering experience. In addition, the spa offers eyelash services, waxing, and facials. Students who bring in their student ID can take advantage of a student discount.
Where: 2799 Katy Fwy #130, Houston, TX 77007

2. Gloss Nail Bar

courtesy Gloss Nail Bar

Gloss Nail Bar is one of the quirkier nails salons in Houston.  They have an extensive range of polish options from well-known brands. Guests will get to choose from unusual service options for their manicures and pedicures, including Mint Mojito, Sunrise Punch, and Mochatini, all of which come with specially scented scrubs and soaks to fit their names. The kids’ option is, of course, called a Shirley Temple. Customers like the complimentary drinks, attentive techs, and long-lasting polish.
Where: 504 W Gray St B, Houston, TX 77019

3. The Elysian Boutique

courtesy The Elysian Boutique

Named for the mythical afterlife of the Greek gods, The Elysian Boutique strives to be a little slice of paradise for its customers. The staff is always friendly and welcoming, the manicures come with effective and soothing massages, and the polish promises last longer than you’d expect. For a discount, you can go in during Happy Hour from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday-Wednesday. The nail art is a definite high point here, so check it out if you’re looking for more than just a solid shade or an ombré.
Where: 2723 Yale St #103, Houston, TX 77008

4. Sojourn De Nails

courtesy Sojourn De Nails

Sojourn De Nails is as much about the manicure experience as it is about the manicures. Guests love the cute décor, the relaxing atmosphere, the tasty complimentary beverages, and the friendly staff. Enjoy free wi-fi, comfy chairs, and a neck massage while a tech shapes your nails to your specifications—there’s even a manicure package called “the personal” that’s fully customizable. Waxing services are also available.
Where: 1625 Main St suite a-2, Houston, TX 77002

5. Heights Nail Spa

courtesy Heights Nail Spa

Heights Nail Spa offers a classic manicure and pedicure experience with complimentary wine and water, a choice of shellac, dip powder, and standard nail polish, and pleasantly-scented scrubs and soaks. Waxing is also on the list of service offerings, as well as a separate menu for kids priced $20 and under.
Where: 1901 Taylor St F, Houston, TX 77007

6. Sweet Moment Nail & Pedi Spa

nail salons Houston

courtesy Sweet Moment Nail and Pedi Spa

Sweet Moment Nail & Pedi Spa is sure to provide a calming experience with one of its foot bath pedicure packages or its manicure packages that feature a shoulder and hand massage. While the salon has a full range of shellac, dip powder, and acrylic nail options, customers know it best for its dip powder services, which are top-notch. Its services also include facials, eyelash services, and waxing, as well as manicure and pedicure packages designed specifically for men.
Where: 5821 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77005

7. Citris Nail Spa in the Heights

nail salons Houston

courtesy Citris Nail Spa

Citris Nail Spa is a little more upscale to match its location in the Heights. Expect champagne and wine as refreshments and petals in the foot baths at pedicure stations. Prices will be a little higher here than at some other nail salons in Houston, but the fast, attentive service, solid collection of colors and polish options, and classy décor make for a luxurious spa experience
Where: 174 Yale St, Houston, TX 77007

8. Polished Nail Lounge

nail salons Houston

courtesy Polished Nail Lounge

An excellent place to relax, Polished Nail Lounge has a full drink menu that includes coffee and cocktails to add to your spa experience. The salon has reasonable prices, consistently good manicures, and the full range of acrylic, dip powder, and shellac options. There is a reduced-price menu for children’s services, and massages are a feature of several of the services as a relaxation bonus.
Where: 1004 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77008

9. Secret Escape Nail Lounge

nail salons Houston

courtesy Secret Escape Nail Lounge

Secret Escape Nail Lounge offers a wide range of polish options, including the standard range of shellac, dip powder, acrylic, and gel. Manicures come with a hand massage and lotion, and you can choose from one of several luxuriously scented foot baths to enhance your pedicure. A great option for manicure lovers on a budget, this salon offers 20% off for students (with Student ID) every Wednesday. They also offer 20% off for medical personnel and teachers. Complimentary drinks add to the pampered feeling, and an efficient staff means you rarely run into a wait time.
Where: 2272 W Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX 77030

10. Nails Life Studio

nail salons Houston

courtesy Nails Life Studio

Nails Life Studio is a full-service nail salon with dip powder, acrylic, and gel polish options. The manicures are long-lasting and consistently high-quality. The salon also offers waxing, lash services, and a specially priced menu for children. Nails Life might be a little more expensive than the average nail salon, but customers generally agree the price hike is worth it based on the quality of the product.
Where: 8571 Westheimer Rd A, Houston, TX 77063


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