apps save you money

It feels good to save money. Maybe it’s just because it’s nice to know that you’ll have more money to spend on something else. Maybe it’s because the idea of having some savings feels good. Whatever the reason, if there’s a way to do what you like doing and to save money in the process, why wouldn’t you want that? You might not believe it, but it’s easier than ever to save money on most things.

There are websites and apps that give you a chance to save money on everything. From electric bills to entertainment costs, there’s an app that will help you stretch your dollar. With that in mind, here are some of the best apps out there that can help you start saving money today!

Real Simple Energy – Real Simple Energy works by finding the right electricity plan for your home(s) at the lowest rate possible. All you do is sign up for their $9 monthly service and they switch you according to your requested start date. Real Simple Energy’s advanced platform will source the best rate plan for your specific usage pattern and you’ll begin seeing lower bills right away. The average customer pays about 36% less for electricity than the average Texan, adding up to hundreds of dollars in savings each year. The best part is, it’s a quick sign up and they manage your account(s) moving forward so you can focus on other priorities. Go to and you can get a $30 credit on your first month’s bill by entering promo code CHEAP30 at sign up!

Honey – This shopping app makes sure that you get the best deals and coupons available on the internet. Anyone that’s looked for discount codes knows how time consuming it can be to find ones that work. Well, Honey takes away the guesswork. As you’re checking out of a store, Honey will run all available codes they can find to get you the best discounts. It’s free to sign up and easy to use. Check out our Honey review for more info.

Groupon – Groupon sells experiences at a discount. If you want to try that new restaurant, take a fun couple’s class, or even get a massage, there are likely Groupons available in your area. This gives you a chance to check out your city and have a good time on a budget. So, whether you’re going back to experience a favorite place or you’re scanning the city for new experiences, Groupon allows you to save money in the process.

TrueBill– How many monthly services are you subscribed to? Do you even use them all?  Maybe you haven’t watched Netflix in a while, or you forgot to cancel a streaming music service after a free trial period. TrueBill is a free app that helps you manage your subscriptions and can help you cancel subscriptions with ease.

Rakuten – When you shop online, Rakuten will help you get the best discounts. They offer cash back (a percentage on your bill from hundreds of stores), discounts, and reward options. Cash back is added to your account and sent to you four times a year. This is a great app to use throughout the entire year, but most of all during the holidays, when many people save hundreds thanks to the cash back feature. – The Coupons app is free to use after you create an account. You can set alerts to find out when your favorite stores are having specials. Otherwise, it’s just what you might be expecting. You’ll find hundreds of coupons for all sorts of things. There are both digital and printable coupons available. Since most of the coupons are on things you’re buying normally anyway, this can help to trim your budget the fastest.

Paribus – Paribus is one of the coolest money saving apps you’ll find. What happens here is that Paribus tracks your shopping habits and compares them to the stores where you shop. If they discover a lower price, they contact the store and get you some money back. They also look at the shipping times it takes to get your items, so if something arrives late or you should be getting a discount for something, they make sure you get it. After signup, they handle all the hard work and just let you know when you need to be aware of something.

Ibotta – Ibotta is technically a coupon app, though it works with hundreds of stores online and off. More importantly, they often give you coupons for many things that normal stores and apps wouldn’t. You choose the store where you shopped and can redeem coupons through Ibotta after you’ve been to the store. Your savings are deposited into your Ibotta account and can be sent to you on a set schedule or whenever you want to empty your account. You can even get extra money by referring your friends!

Chime – Chime is a digital banking option that allows you to control your finances through an app and a debit card. Chine can help you save money with their Round Up feature. This handy feature takes all the change in your account (hence the “round up”) and puts it into savings. So, if you spend $6.02 on a coffee, $7 is taken out of your account for that purchase, but the remaining 98 cents, is put into savings for you. You’d be surprised how fast this money adds up!

GasBuddy – The GasBuddy app offers a variety of ways to save on gas at over 150,000 gas stations across the country. Users are able to report gas changes, so you don’t have to worry about outdated prices being listed. You’ll be able to see when the prices were updated and how much current prices are. If you make a free account to list current gas prices in your area, you can earn points and enter them into drawings that will win you free gas!


These apps are great ways to save money and they are just a small fraction of the apps that can help you to stick to your financial goals. What money saving apps do you use? Let us know in the comments!