Easter Ideas For Home Celebration - Cheap & Free Activities

Looking for Easter ideas to celebrate at home? In an average year, Easter is a festive holiday that could include egg hunts, church events, and trips to the Mall to see everyone’s favorite bunny. Of course, this year is a little bit different yet again. As social distancing guidelines continue to be in place, some families may decide to stay at home. 

That doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice this special holiday. There are plenty of fun, creative, and family-friendly things you can do to make your Easter a success without ever leaving your home!

When is Easter this year – 2021?

Easter is a “movable feast” that is always held on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25. This year, Easter will be observed on Sunday, April 4th. 

Easter Ideas For A Fun Home Celebration

Celebrate in Style: Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you have to celebrate Easter in your pajamas. Get dressed up in your Easter finest, just like you would if you were going out in your Easter Sunday best. This will make you feel great and keeps a little tradition alive, even if you’re not going out this year.

Decorate for the Occasion: Take some flowers out of your garden and create a lovely Easter centerpiece for the table. Have the kids create some bunny or Easter themed artwork to decorate the home. Make sure to decorate eggs and ready your environment for Spring. This is something everyone in the family can help with. Best of all, after being in the house for a while, this will give it a new look and brighten everyone’s day.

Splurge on your Easter Meal: If you normally go out for Easter dinner or brunch, consider picking up your favorite restaurant curbside or have your meal delivered using the convenient and cheap delivery service Doordash. This will help your favorite restaurants that are hurting during this trying time. It will also allow you something special that you might normally do on Easter. Otherwise, consider pulling out the cookbooks and planning an Easter feast that the whole family can help make together. Either option should make for a good time.

Consider Online Church Service: With stay at home laws in effect around the country, many places of worship are offering online or streaming service to keep everyone connected. If you spend your Easter in Church, this will allow you to feel more connected to your community and the Easter traditions that you normally follow.

Bake the Day Away: There are so many fun, family-friendly baking recipes that are Easter-themed and easy for everyone in the family to make. Gather the kids and make your favorite treats. Some ideas include: Easter bread, Rice Krispie Peepsie Treats, Robin’s Egg No-Churn Ice Cream, Peeps Smores Brownies, Bunny Dirt Cups, Easter Basket Cookie Cups, Pineapple Carrot Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, and Easy and Adorable Lamb Cake. These are just a few of the fun and tasty, Easter-themed treats you could make!

Dye Easter Eggs and have your own Egg Hunt: You can still hide the eggs and let the kids find them. You could even fill a few plastic eggs with their favorite treats or small toys. Before the hunt, take a little time to dye some eggs for some typical Easter fun. There are hundreds of ideas and recipes for techniques that avoid dyes but still color your eggs. Most of the items needed are commonly found around the house, too. Some options include using stickers or paint, bedazzling your colored eggs, or make funny egg faces with mustaches and googly eyes. You can even “dye” eggs using Cool Whip and food coloring or Kool-Aid.

Have your Own Easter Olympics: If you have your own yard (and even if you don’t) set up some games that the whole family can play. For outdoor events you could have a “Egg” toss (using water balloons), the egg race (everyone has to balance an egg on a spoon without dropping during the race) or have a Bunny sac race (hop in your sac and race to the finish). If you’re indoors only Amazon and other retailers have some fun, highly rated Easter themed games, or you could create your own version of pin the tail on the bunny. Make sure to offer the winners some fun prizes for the day.

Remember, if you’re worried about setting up the kids with their annual Easter basket that Amazon, Target, and other retailers offer delivery and are still selling baskets, grass, and all of your favorite Easter treats, toys, and other basket-friendly products. There’s no reason that you can’t whip up something special without walking out your door!


Do you have any other ideas to celebrate Easter at home. Comment below and let us know! 



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