As always, there is a big discrepancy in gas prices throughout Houston. Which is why it pays to do a bit of research to compare!

Be sure to follow the Cheap Gas widget at Houston on the Cheap to save on your next fill up. I saw gas on the map for $2.05 at Valero (Briar Forest & Wilcrest), $2.19 at DJ’s Food Store (Veterans Memorial & Bammel N. Houston). But $2.79 inside the loop at Richmond & Montrose. That’s a huge difference. {Note: That cheap price at Valero was reported early Friday morning…}

If you’re not familiar with the widget, you can search by zip code to find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood or city. The gas widget [labeled Fuel Up] on the top navigation bar is your go-to source for saving money on gas. Just search by zip code here.

Just quickly browsing the gas map, the average price is running between $2.29 – $2.49! It definitely pays to do some research. As a note, this time last year gas was priced as low as $1.68. It was scary for the oil industry but nice for our bank account.

Head online for the interactive map here. Then click on the price to see the gas station name and address.

photo: flickr/Robert S. Donovan