chevron childrens museum workshops

Sometimes, the best thing we can do for our kids is get them away from electronics. But sometimes it’s not. Especially if it’s for a good reason like bettering their future and education. While are options may be a bit limited right now considering everything that’s going on, there are great options being created during this pandemic.  

For instance, Chevron is sponsoring virtual design workshops for kids right now and the good news is they’re completely FREE! Let’s make sure not to cancel imagination and creativity along with other summer activities. Kids are the future and we can still help inspire their futures this summer.  

Children’s Museum Houston will continue to offer their popular Chevron Maker Annex Virtual Workshops. The workshops are totally free, streamed live, and are aimed at teaching children how to use TinkerCAD software. This software is used to produce 3-D models of animal cells, DNA, coral reefs, buildings and more.  

The virtual workshops will be led by maker and Education Manager Jacob Breier, who started hosting the workshops when the stay at home order began in March. Don’t forget to say “hello” to Jacob to be a part of the Epic Adventure scavenger hunt that takes you through the whole museum and all nine Adventure Zones! 

For information on these workshops you can check out the museum’s website and Facebook page. Just make sure to sign up before spots fill because they’re going fast! Click here to register.  


Upcoming Workshop Schedule  

CMH Virtual Workshop:  Interior Design – Space Station  

Wednesday, June 17, from 3 to 4 pm 

CMH Virtual Workshop:  TinkerCAD Basics (Guitars) 

Thursday, June 18, from 3 to 4 pm 

CMH Virtual Workshop:  TinkerCAD Basics (Giant Monsters) 

Friday, June 19, from 3 to 4 pm 

CMH Virtual Workshop:  Interior Design – Mad Science Laboratory 

Tuesday, June 23, from 9 to 10 am 

CMH Virtual Workshop:  TinkerCAD Basics (Skateboards) 

Wednesday, June 24, from 3 to 4 pm