childrens museum glow in dark exhibit

If you’re looking for that ultimate selfie-moment, the Children’s Museum of Houston has the exhibit for you — and your family!

Sights Unseen is an incredible, mysterious exhibit that lets you and your family explore an eye-popping glow-in-the-dark experience about light, vision, and how animals see the world.  The exhibit is now open through May 2021.

While the exhibit is a sight to see, you and your kiddos are guaranteed to learn a few things, too:

  • Tackle the physics of light to see how it affects what we see.
  • Experiment with the anatomy and physiology of vision by discovering the parts of the eye and how vision works.
  • Explore what animals see and what advantages their vision gives them compared to humans. Birds, for examples, see 100 times more colors than humans and some snakes can see in infrared.

The best part of this exhibit is that there are activities for kids of all ages. Toddlers, for examples, can look at themselves in infrared light and identify what colors they see. Upper elementary-aged students, on the other hand, will create art using birefringence and examine what it means to be colorblind.

The Children’s Museum has been taking guest and employee safety very seriously since reopening back in June. They’re using time ticket entry to limit crowd sizes, requiring masks for everyone over the age of 2, doing temperature checks, and promoting social distancing, hand washing, and other behaviors in order to keep visitors safe.  

Tickets are $12 for adults and children; $11 for seniors. Members get in for free. Space is limited due to follow COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, so buy tickets early if you’re interested.

For more information, go here or call 713-522-1138.