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In this day and age, higher education is more valuable than ever. This extra step towards success gives students the experience and resources they need to tackle their real-world dreams. A college degree opens numerous doors and degree holders earn significantly more during their careers. By completing an undergraduate program, young professionals gain a highly valuable edge that will pay off financially as well. 

Although higher education is a great investment, it can be an intimidating one to make. The fact of the matter is, college isn’t easily affordable for most people. This means that plenty of planning and preparation should be taken into account prior to this educational journey. 

It’s important that students and those supporting them are smart about this cost. Fortunately, figuring out a game plan is so easy with the help of CollegeBacker.

CollegeBacker allows parents to create a modern and more rewarding version of the traditional college fund. Through this resource, you can create a tax-free investment plan for your child in just under five minutes! 

CollegeBacker runs circles around standard college funds and saving accounts. Through this system, you can grow your child’s fund through unique benefits, crowdfunding, and expert advice along the way. You can also connect any pre-existing plans, keeping all of your college preparation tools in one place. 

One way to save extra is through CollegeBacker’s Backer Bucks. Through making everyday purchases at participating businesses, cashback rewards will be deposited directly into your account. Watch these small rewards build over time, and you’ll be astounded by the big difference they make. 

You can also set up a gifting page and build a Backer Team, allowing loved ones to pitch in as well. On holidays, special occasions, or any given day, family and friends can seamlessly send monetary gifts through CollegeBacker’s user-friendly website.

These are just a couple of CollegeBacker’s brilliant benefits — the website is filled with helpful advice and smart ways to save. In addition, check out CollegeBacker’s highly rated app! Recently chosen as Apple’s App of the Day, this quick and easy resource allows you to check and manage your investment plan directly from your phone. 

When it comes to higher education, saving early on is imperative; this investment takes time to build. Luckily, with organization, awareness, and the help of crowdfunding, it can be done! Student debt doesn’t have to be a part of your child’s story. With CollegeBacker, saving for education has never been more simple, straightforward, and stress-free.

Learn more on CollegeBacker’s website.


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