Thanks to a recent event for local bloggers, I learned how Comcast is re-imagining its experience for the customer — from the features and re-design of its local stores to the new Xfinity technology and apps focusing on family friendly.

Redesigned Stores

Comcast ipad barAccording to folks at Comcast, its priority is to transform the customer experience. To date, Comcast has redesigned seven of the 12 local Comcast retail stores, with a new store coming soon to Cypress. The store at Voss and Westheimer, a former Blockbuster, is one of the largest in the country. One-third of the apartments in Houston are in a 10-mile radius of that store, so it’s definitely high volume and high traffic.

But rather than waiting in line like the DMV, customers can browse the store and interact with new technology, play at the iPad bar, do guided demos on the latest innovations, and more. Customers can pop in to pay a bill at the Express kiosk without waiting in a long line. These changes are based on the needs and feedback of Comcast customers.

Xfinity Mobile Apps

Comcast developed a variety of mobile apps to provide flexibility and convenience for customers. Forget to set your alarm after you leave the house? Rely on Xfinity Home to do that. Xfinity TV enables you to watch your X1 DVR recordings on your tablet or cell phone — while in the house or on-the-go. Or even download X1 DVR recordings directly to mobile devices to watch anytime. This helps more screens access the content! I have used Xfinity TV Remote frequently to set up my favorite show on the DVR after I have left the house! Having issues with your WiFi at home? Download Xfinity My Account to diagnosis connectivity issues, manage appointments or edit your WiFi password.

comcast store demoXfinity X1

Comcast’s new Xfinity X1 technology is changing the way you experience TV. How about a voice remote to change channels or search for your favorite show? This makes it easy for kids to find their favorite show, too! And thanks to integrated Xfinity apps, you can play your Pandora playlist, bring your Facebook feed or photos on the screen, or follow the Rockets’ game while watching another show. Kids can explore on their own in the Kids Zone, which is a safe place to let kids find new shows or content.

All of these efforts are helping Comcast work to make customer experience its No. 1 product. I am excited about the changes, especially since I’m a long-time Comcast customer!

I partnered with Comcast for this sponsored conversation. All opinions are my own.