coschedule review

WordPress may make it easier to build a blog or content-driven empire, but CoSchedule allows you to control productivity with ease. Especially useful for sites with a team of creators, CoSchedule takes the headache out of content creation. This web-based application can synchronize with your WordPress to allow you to handle tasks ranging from simple ideas or drafts to the monitoring of social media campaigns. Multiple tasks are possible with a few clicks of a button, freeing you up for more important tasks in the future. Does this sound like something you could use? If so, keep reading our CoSchedule review.


CoSchedule Features

If you’re a webmaster, CoSchedule offers many features that are going to make your job an easier one. Thanks to the available features you’ll have the freedom to plan nearly every aspect of your content-driven website. For this reason, CoSchedule is particularly helpful on websites that have a staff. Some popular features that make up CoSchedule:

  • An all-in-one calendar that is with you through all phases of production
  • Syncs to your WordPress and some other blog platforms
  • Assign various posts and tasks for yourself or your writing and editorial staff
  • Organize a complete publishing schedule
  • Schedule various aspects from drafts to editing for all new articles
  • Monitor and schedule social media posts for your posts
  • Use filters to focus on specific tasks
  • Those are just some of the best features

CoSchedule gives you a place to organize your production schedule from the planning face to publishing and on through social media publishing and monitoring.


How CoSchedule Works

CoSchedule is a content creation tool that reduces the need for things like spreadsheets, documents, email chains, and chat programs. Instead, you can manage your entire team and their progress through one application – CoSchedule. Rather than trying to explain how handy it is, let’s look at the process.

  • Create drafts as far in advance as you prefer
  • Assign set tasks like keyword research, writing, social media creation, etc.
  • Use the chat/comment area to relay any details or answer any questions or comments from the team
  • Monitor team progress – your overview page will show you what needs to be done, what’s been done, and what’s scheduled
  • Analyze your content, the user engagement levels and the popularity through a number of social media channels

Perhaps the most helpful part of CoSchedule is that it puts all of these necessary elements of running a website together in one spot. You can assign posts, answer questions, handle social media, and analyze what’s working and what needs tweaked all in your CoSchedule account.


Using CoSchedule on HoustonOnTheCheap

We use CoSchedule on HoustonOnTheCheap every single day. It has become an invaluable tool that saves us hours of prep-work and problems. Like in the example above, we use CoSchedule for all of our content creation needs. We assign projects in batches, covering weeks at a time. We’re able to assign multiple team members to the same project. For instance, in a blog post, we might have a writer, an editor, designer, and someone else handling social media after the post has been published. All of the progress is available to us at all times, so we know where every project is at and what our team members need to get the job done.

Without CoSchedule we spent hours on jobs that now takes half that time. The simple streamlined process removes many of the problems with content creation.


CoSchedule Review Wrap-Up

It’s hard to imagine being able to run this site the way we do without CoSchedule. Since we began using it, it has become an invaluable tool and we wouldn’t function the same way without it. Keep in mind, that CoSchedule is most recommended for established websites with multiple team members. Whether that team includes two people or twenty, CoSchedule has the tools you need to take the headaches out of planned content creation.