Welcome to Discovering Houston on the Cheap with ideas for cheap dates,
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Courtney Wyckoff, MommaStrongCourtney Wyckoff, founder, MommaStrong.com
{Courtney has 14 years of experience in the fields of fitness, nutrition, and injury prevention/treatment. She has been working exclusively with pre- and post-natal women the last eight years. In 2012, she founded MommaStrong.com, which now serves more than 5,000 women worldwide, with the help of Barbie Atkinson, M.S, LPC.}

1) Favorite spot for a cheap meal — Kim Chau Restaurant

Five Dollar Pho on Fridays at Kim Chau Restaurant on Long Point.  My picky eating kiddos even eat it (shocking!) and the beef pho is the best I’ve had in town.

2) Favorite spot for a cheap date — my front porch!

I live in the historic Sixth Ward, and my porch at dusk is a real treat.  I can watch the sunset glow on the buildings downtown while eating a homemade picnic and then go for a walk on the Buffalo Bayou just a few steps away.

3) Houston’s Best Kept Secret — the Gandhi District (Little India/Hillcroft)

Fancy dining is not for me, as I often find the ordeal to be all form and no content. And in the Gandhi District, it is quite the opposite. The food, the restaurant service, the shops, the grocery stores are all authentic and hard working.  It also provides evidence for the fact that Houston is not merely “diverse” — its texture and expanse of possibilities for people from all over the world is legitimate and unlike any other city.

4) Best Place to Save Money in Houston — Rothko Chapel

Just stepping in there will beg your attention to simplicity.  And it has an endless stream of incredible programs, workshops, discussions, musical events that are free and completely rich in all the right things.

5) Favorite Houston Festival or Event — Buffalo Bayou Regatta

Buffalo Bayou Regatta, hands down.  It’s a gorgeous Spring event, with boats of all sizes and kinds slicing through the murky bayou.  I grew up kayaking on the Potomac River in D.C., and while this is definitely grittier (as is Houston), it’s a remarkably impressive race.

6) My perfect day in Houston would be:

… to wake up a bit before my girls, sit on the front porch with a hot cup of tea watching my neighbors sleepily walk their dogs. I’d then pack the car with snacks, lunch, gummy bears, an extra change of clothes, tons of water bottles, my Leatherman, a first-aid kit and put my pajama-wearing groggy wee ones and old dog in the car. We’d stop at a greasy breakfast place and then drive out to Lake House Wilderness Park. Hike. Eat. Sit. Repeat. And, if it were to be a really perfect TWO days, we’d stay the night in one of their incredible cabins.