disco kroger

credit: Yelp

If you’ve lived in Houston for almost any period of time, chances are you know about the iconic ‘Disco Kroger’ in Montrose. As arguably the most well known Kroger store in the city, countless Houstonians have their own special stories and memories of visiting the character-filled location of the grocery store chain.

Unfortunately, the renowned Kroger in the heart of Montrose is nearing its final days. ‘Disco Kroger’ will close in January 2021 according to an announcement from the company.

Unfortunately, the Montrose Kroger location hasn’t been profitable for quite a while, and after extensive consideration, the company came to the difficult decision to shutter the store.

“Despite our best efforts, we have not been able to operate at margins that will allow us to remain open. We never want to close any of our stores,” Kroger officials said. “However, to keep prices low for our customers across the city we cannot continue to operate a store that has lost money for a sustained period of time.”

The Montrose Kroger location has been open for over 42 years, and it received a major remodel 17 years ago.

Over the years, the store in the 3300 block of Montrose Blvd. gained notoriety for the eccentric, sometimes downright bizarre crowds it would attract, especially on weekend nights.

If there’s one bit of good news from the impending closure, it’s that the company has said it will not eliminate any of the store’s jobs. Every employee will be offered positions at other nearby Kroger stores, including the River Oaks Shopping Center store which is just over a mile away.

You still have a couple of months to visit Disco Kroger one last time before it closes its doors for good in January.