Is there anything more American than going to the circus in the summer? While the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus might have finally packed up the big top for the last time, that doesn’t mean that the circus is gone forever. Lots of smaller independent circuses have sprung up in its place to offer exhilarating thrills and one-of-a-kind excitement to crowds all over our great nation. One up and coming circus currently captivating crowds is the Circo Hermanos Vazquez, or Vazquez Brothers Circus. The Circo Hermanos Vazquez circus is coming to Houston this weekend, and luckily, there’s an easy way to get discounted tickets.

The Vazquez Brothers Circus began in 1969 and quickly became one of the top circuses in Mexico. What began as a small family circus quickly grew into a full big-top production complete with elephants, trapeze artists, and human cannonballs. Today, the circus remains one of the most well-preserved classic big-top touring circuses, offering a nostalgic spectacle sure to please any crowd. Houston is lucky to welcome the Circo Hermanos Vazquez again this year right in time for summer.

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With an active Goldstar account, members can get discounted tickets to this weekend’s circus for as low as just $10, while premium seats will run you as high as $50. The Circo Hermanos Vazquez will be in Houston July 5th through July 8th, with two shows on Saturday, July 7th.