educational youtube channels

With many schools across the state shutting down to in-person learning due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, many households are now finding themselves in the new position of having to find ways of homeschooling children. While some of us may have experience with homeschooling or teaching, many parents are now having to scramble to figure out how to keep their children learning. Luckily, there are plenty of free educational YouTube channels to make things a little easier during this time of social distancing.

Here are 15 of the best free educational YouTube channels for kids:

Khan Academy: The world-renowned Khan Academy offers comprehensive educational content that can help with difficult subjects like science and math. Best for kids in middle school and above.

Kids Learning Tube: Kids Learning Tube offers new videos each Friday ranging from preschool through middle school. Videos are short and offer an overview of a single topic or concept, making it perfect for planning a day’s activities.

TED-Ed: TED-Ed is operated by TED, organizers of the popular TED talks. TED-ed answers the weird questions kids are always coming up with and offers options for further learning alongside each video.

Mathantics: For kids that find math boring or difficult, Mathantics is here to help. Mathantics features videos complete with companion practice exercises and tutorials that help kids get over stumbling blocks in mathematics.

National Geographic Kids: National Geographic Kids focuses on the natural world and include National Geographic’s normal level of amazing photography and production. Most of the videos are under five minutes and many include hands-on experiments for follow-up.

Crash Course: Crash Course features what the name implies: a comprehensive, easy-to-understand explanation of a topic in around 15 minutes. Best for ages 8+.

Minute Physics: Exactly what the title implies, MinutePhysics is a channel full of short videos that explain complex physics topics in easy-to-understand ways. Best for older elementary schoolers.

Free School: Free School offers informative overviews of topics ranging from history, science, and more.

Smart Girls: Not just for girls, Smart Girls features a wide variety of shows that introduce kids to scientists and what they do for a living. Best for elementary and middle schoolers.

Homeschool Pop: Designed for homeschoolers, Homeschool Pop offers videos best for grades K-4. Their videos are organized by grade level and subject, making it perfect for tailoring your lessons to your child’s needs.

StoryBots: StoryBots make learning fun with short, easy-to-understand videos and songs that WILL get stuck in your and your kids’ heads. StoryBots are perfect for a quick dose of fun in the middle of a homeschool day while still being educational.

It’s Okay To Be Smart: It’s Okay To Be Smart presents science content in a straightforward way and offers objective science information aimed at middle schoolers and above.

Peekaboo Kidz: Peekaboo Kidz is geared towards younger kids and offers a wide variety of content ranging from nursery rhymes for toddlers to more detailed scientific topics for elementary school-aged kids.

SciShow Kids: SciShow Kids releases two new videos each week featuring host Jessi and her robotic rat sidekick Squeaks. Each video answers a different scientific question and demonstrates experiments that helps find those answers.

The Brain Scoop: Produced by Chicago’s Field Museum, The Brain Scoop has videos aimed at middle schoolers and above which explore the natural world and biology with fascinating glimpses into real scientific specimens.