essential activitiesEver since Judge Lina Hidalgo announced Houston’s Stay Home, Work Safe initiative yesterday, there’s been confusion surrounding what Houstonians are actually allowed to do. Now that we have a copy of the order, we’ve put together a list of approved activities. Here are activities we know are considered “essential activities” and you’re allowed to leave your residence for during this time.

  1. Obtaining medical supplies or medicine.
  2. Visiting a doctor or other healthcare professional.
  3. Getting supplies to work from home.
  4. Purchasing or delivering groceries. This includes food, pet supplies, sanitary supplies, and other household consumer products necessary for running your household.
  5. Outdoor exercise like running, bike riding, or walking.
  6. Other outdoor activities like fishing and hiking.
  7. To perform work for an “essential business.”
  8. Caring for a family member.
  9. Caring for a pet.

It’s important to note that maintaining social distance is of the utmost importance. The order particularly mentions safe social distancing during outdoor activities like running and hiking.

If you’re still confused about essential activities or have any questions, you can email the city at