Walmart Plus


Walmart Plus, also dubbed Walmart+ or W+, is a membership program that is set to be released this month. The service was created to complete with Amazon Prime. It’s unclear exactly how many perks will be included in Walmart+, but if reports are correct, Walmart Plus could offer similar perks at a cheaper price.

A new Walmart Plus teaser site is available, though not much is available to see other than the mention of saving money.

This new Walmart subscription service will be available for $98 per year, which is cheaper than Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is currently available for $119. The W+ perks will include same-day grocery delivery, general product delivery, discounted prices on fuel at Walmart gas stations, early product deals, and more.

Originally, the plan was for Walmart+ to be released by April, but the launch date was pushed back after the coronavirus pandemic began sweeping the country. At this time, it’s unknown whether the W+ plan will be available nationwide at launch or if it will be available regionally, before a full rollout.


Amazon Prime vs Walmart+

It’s hard to compare the two services at this point, but it’s clear that the two services will offer some similar services. Currently, Amazon Prime users receive special sales and discounts, grocery delivery, a music library, Prime video content, e-books, and much more. We know for sure that W+ will have the grocery delivery options, but as for the entertainment options, nothing has been announced at this time.

Amazon has been Walmart’s biggest competitor for quite some time. Amazon Prime users spend more money on Amazon and compare prices less, opting to just buy from Amazon instead. Walmart+ could end up working the same way, but it will likely depend on the perks available in the membership.


Benefits of W+

Currently we know that you’ll receive unlimited grocery and other limited product delivery. Exclusive sales and discounts have also been announced. If you’re near a Walmart gas station, you’ll also get deals on fuel.

An express 2-hour delivery service is in the works and this will be offered in a limited capacity. You’ll also be able to reserve delivery spots, which is great if you’re having a problem getting delivery in your area.

Other perks could include text message ordering, prescription drug discounts, and Scan and Go services that would allow you to shop and check out without waiting in line. There are rumors that they may also offer some video entertainment, though nothing has been released about that at this time.

We won’t know if Walmart Plus can truly compete with Amazon Prime until it’s launched, and the full set of offerings are made available. Do you plan to try W+ when it’s available? Let us know in the comments!