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One of the biggest changes that many of us have faced due to the coronavirus is the need for PPE in our daily lives. Personal protection equipment is meant to keep you safe during this difficult time. This might include masks, gloves, or other protective wear. Many states, including Texas, are suggesting or requiring people to wear masks when they venture into the public.

Paying for disposable masks can be tricky. They are harder to find and often that makes them more expensive. Add in the fact that you use them once and throw them away, it’s almost like you’re throwing away money!

Luckily, there are a lot of great options for reusable cotton face masks on the market. Currently, Groupon is running an excellent deal on 5 or 10-packs of unisex reusable face masks. Right now, you can get a 5-pack of masks for $13 or a 10-pack of masks for $21. This is enough masks for the whole family. Add in the fact that they are reusable, and the deal just gets better!

A variety of colors are available, depending on whether you buy the 5 or 10-pack. Keep in mind, these are going fast! Some colors that are currently available include Wine, Black, and Grey. These masks should fit most people easily. The ear straps even stretch to provide a more comfortable experience.

Make sure to wash your masks before using them for the first time. After wearing you can wash them with water and reuse as needed.

While these are protective face masks, they are not medical grade.

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