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Negotiating monthly electricity bills, which fluctuate month-to-month can be a headache or a strain on your budget. To make energy bills much simpler for Texans, Real Simple Energy now has a first-of-its-kind Fixed Bill service which streamlines the energy buying process. It’s like a customized subscription for electricity at a ridiculously low price and is a no-lose option for consumers.  The service is aimed at renters, consumers on a budget, or anyone who uses lower than average electricity each month.

To see if you qualify and get your custom quote in less than 60 seconds, go to And right now, HOTC readers can get a $30 credit on their first month’s bill by entering promo code CHEAP30 at sign up!

Real Simple Energy is breaking new ground here – this is the first time that an independent, third-party energy agent in Texas has offered a Fixed Bill Service. The plan is simple:  Fixed Bill service is based on the lowest energy prices in the market and lets customers avoid price fluctuations, hidden fees, or huge surprises when their bills come each month. The price is locked in for 6 months regardless of how much energy you use.  And customers can earn back up to 20% cashback rebate at renewal if they use less energy than Real Simple Energy estimates.

In a press release, Real Simple Energy Founder and President Trent Crow says this is the smart way to buy electricity and their new Fixed Bill service is all about making energy bills easier for consumers to understand and pay. “Real Simple Energy is a mission-driven company that is simplifying the energy buying process and sourcing electricity at the lowest possible rate for a given customer’s needs,” Crow said. “Consumers across Texas generally overpay for electricity and receive poor customer service from large-scale energy providers. Real Simple Energy is changing that – we are an advocate for the consumer while helping them through the confusing and often frustrating process of signing up for power.”

To sign up for the new Fixed Bill service, simply go to the Real Simple Energy website and answer a few easy questions about your home and your energy usage. From there, Real Simple Energy will quote qualifying customers a customized fixed monthly price in real-time, to be locked in for six months regardless of energy usage. If customers use less energy than expected, they will earn up to  20% cash back of their total contract cost at renewal.

Real Simple Energy is an independent, third-party electricity agent,which offers customized products for renters, homeowners, and businesses. Their mission is to provide a fair deal on electricity and allow customers to customize their own electricity plans.

Remember, HOTC readers can get a $30 credit on their first month’s bill by entering promo code CHEAP30 at sign up!


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