floating cinema houston

Here’s a fun idea to float to your family during the COVID-19 pandemic — movie by boat!

Beyond Cinema, an Australian-based theatre company, is installing pop-up movie experiences across the country, including Houston and Austin.

As the health crisis continues to stick around Texas and the rest of the country, companies — especially movie theaters — need to get creative when it comes to social distancing. And what better way to watch a movie on the big screen than with your family on your own mini boat.

The exact location of this floating cinema has yet to be determined. Same goes for what movies will be shown, but the company promised a mix of golden oldies and new releases. Cost for the event, which runs from Sept. 9-13, is also unknown at this point. You can register for tickets here.

Moviegoers will be required to rent a miniboat that ensures they will only be seated with family and friends to ensure proper social distancing takes place and groups don’t mix with one another. Attendees will have the chance to watch a movie in the safety of the open air while snacking on free popcorn and enjoying other concessions available for purchase.

The company tested its concept in France since earlier this month.

Since the virus has hit, drive-in movie theaters have been all the rage as the public continues to crave some sense of normalcy. Drive-ins like, The Showboat Drive-In, The Drive-In at Sawyer Yards and Drive-In Movie Club Houston, have been extremely popular. Even Walmart is turning some of its parking lots into drive-in theaters this summer. Costs at drive-ins typically range from $8 per person, up to $30 for a car.