pjs free comedy night houston

Most people dread Mondays, but we embrace it with arms wide open! Why? How about the weekly free comedy night at PJ’s Sports Bar here in Montrose? And that’s right, it’s totally free.

Who said weekends are the only time we can unwind and have a great time? We’ve gotten so used to this routine, and it’s crazy. Also, studies show Tuesday might be the most stressful day of the week, but a fun Monday is the antidote.

Every Monday night at 8 pm, PJ’s Sports Bar and Cutthroat Comedy come together to put on a stand-up comedy open mic event with great comedians and cheap drinks. So while you’re there having a barrel of laughs, you could as well use some specialty drinks for a double combo of fun.

You can get a free ticket to once you sign up for a free Goldstar account. In less than 3 minutes, you can enjoy free stand-up comedy every Monday in the heart of one of Houston’s most iconic neighborhoods. Sign up now or see other free events in Houston we’ve put together for you!

If you’re feeling especially brave, you can even sign up to go on stage and tell some jokes at this weekly open mic event! Sign up starts at 7:30 if you’re game. Or if you’re like us, you can just sit back and enjoy the show from the comfort of the audience.

PJ’s Sports Bar has always lived up to expectations. There’s a great dog-friendly patio outside, a downstairs bar, and a showroom upstairs for some of Houston’s best local stand up comedy. Try to be there on Monday so you won’t wake up the next day all grumpy for the day’s work.

Won’t be available this Monday? Here are other best things you can do while you’re in Houston without breaking the bank.

Again, get your free ticket here and let’s meet this Monday at PJ’s Sports Bar.

PJ’s Sports Bar is located at 614 Gray St, Houston, TX.