audible free trial

People across the country are staying home more than ever before thanks to extraordinary world events. While some may be a little more used to being alone, many people are now finding themselves looking for ways to stay occupied while isolated from friends, family, and their jobs. To help make this time a little easier, Amazon is giving away free one-month memberships to popular audiobook service Audible.

Amazon says new customers who sign up for the free one-month membership can “get one title from our premium selection of best sellers and listen all you want to thousands of titles in our growing Audible Plus Catalog”. The deal also includes special audio-guided wellness programs to help out during this stressful time. At the end of the one-month trial, new subscribers will be emailed a reminder that their trial period is ending. After the free one-month trial period, a subscription will cost $14.95/month without any cancellation fees.

Audible offers a huge library of audiobooks that can be listened to through their official mobile app or on devices like the Amazon Fire tablets or Kindle e-books, as well as a variety of other smart devices. Audible subscriptions offer a credit for one free audiobook a month, while further audiobooks can be purchased individually.

Many of the world’s best-selling titles are available on Audible, enabling subscribers to taken in some of the world’s greatest works of fiction and non-fiction while keeping their hands and eyes free. Audible is perfect for commuting, exercise, or any time when you want to learn or be entertained as you go about your day.

Get your free Audible trial here.

In addition, Audible subscribers can listen to two Audible originals each month. These exclusive audio titles are written and created by some of the best storytellers from across the world and include titles from big-name celebrities like James Taylor, John Cena, Kate McKinnon, and On Ronson. Click here for more information on Audible Originals.