fun indoor activities

Trying to figure out what to do with everything going on at the moment can be a bit daunting or even boring. But it doesn’t have to be! Thankfully, we made a list of 30 indoor activities for kids and families to enjoy while we quarantine ourselves.

Since many of us are stuck indoors lately, this is a great time to play some fun family games or learning activities with the kids. Now it can be easier to figure out what to do with all the time we spend inside.


1. Learn and Have Fun at the Same Time
Studies have shown the effectiveness of fun, play-based learning for little kids, and that’s exactly what ABCMouse offers. ABCMouse has online learning games and curriculum for children as young as two years old. Kids can enjoy thousands of available lessons presented as videos, games, songs, and other interactive formats. Check it out on tablets, smart phones, and computers. Best of all, you can try ABCMouse free for 30 days.

2. Family Movie Day
Each person in the family gets to choose what movie they want to watch. This means it’s fair for everyone! Disney+ offers a free 7-day trial and has a number of family-friendly movies.

3. Dance Lessons
Look up some YouTube videos of different dance lessons you can do with your family and kids. Learn how to salsa dance together or maybe even contemporary dance. Dancing is honestly one of the best indoor activities for kids.

4. Yoga Lessons
Get a relaxing afternoon of yoga in. You can teach your kids about the art of meditation and relaxing breathing. These are great techniques to have your kids learn and keep for the future.

5. Funny Workouts
Another thing to look up on YouTube are funny workout videos. If you don’t really know what to search, I like looking up workouts from different countries and playing them in another language.

6. Hide and Seek
This one is simple. Hide in different places in your house and go find each other. Maybe the winner gets to pick what’s for dinner.

7. Dress Up Dance Competition
Turn up the tunes and see who can dance the longest to a playlist of songs. You can do this with some kid friendly tunes and a few makeshift costumes.

8. Play Charades
This is one of my favorite indoor activities for kids and families. It’s a great way to have a few laughs with your loved ones.

9. Play a Card Game
I grew up playing UNO, but you can play any other card game too. Maybe even teach your kids how to play a certain card game like poker if they’re old enough!

10. Freeze
Play some fun music to dance to and have your kids freeze into different poses when you say to. To make this more interesting you can ask them to freeze in certain positions like different animals or yoga poses.

11. Finish a Puzzle Together
Get your creative juices flowing and start a puzzle together as a family. And don’t stop till you’re finished! Another idea is to make your own puzzle and mix them up. You can do this by drawing on paper and cutting out the shapes. Maybe even incorporate hide and seek into this by hiding the puzzle pieces around the house.

12. Cook together
Have a family baking day or make another type of meal with your kids. Show them the art of cooking by teaching them different tricks to making things tasty. This means the little chefs can make you dinner another night this week.

13. Prank Call
Prank call different family members and make up a script to say. Just make sure to hang up before the get too angry!

14. Finish the Story
You can play this game by coming up with a creative storyline and asking each person sitting to your right to finish your part of the story. This goes on until someone can’t come up with a story and they lose.

15. Water Pong
Set up your kitchen table with cups and play water pong together. This is like beer pong, just without the beer. Losers must clean some part of the house that you’ve been avoiding for years.

16. Mini Car Wash
Have a family car wash day and get the suds flowing.

17. Indoor picnic
Play some relaxing French music and pretend your having a picnic outside by creating the atmosphere indoors.

18. Building
Build something together! Some fun ideas are cute dog houses or something simpler like a birdhouse.

19. Slow Motion Tag
This one’s easy. The rules are like the actual game of tag but just super slowed down so it’s a lot funnier to watch, and play.

20. App Games
Some of the best and most fun games to play using your phone are guessing games. Some fun games to consider are HQ Trivia and Heads Up!

21. Story Podcast
This is an amazing way to get to know your family members. Each person in the family must tell a story in front of everyone else and it has to be something no one else knows about. You can record it and keep this for memories or just keep it in the family and forget you heard the story.

22. Learn a New Trade in One Day
Each person gets to choose one thing that they can learn in one day. Then put on a talent show at the end of the night and see who’s the best!

23. Paint Together
Have a painting party and showcase the best ones.

24. Make Science Experiments
Have a science fair all in the comfort of your own house. Look up different science experiments on YouTube or see if the kids can remember one from school.

25. Play 21 Questions with a Twist
Every person must write down a person, place, or thing and put their response in a hat. Then the first player chooses one out of the hat. Lastly each person in the group gets to ask a question until it reaches 21 to see if they guess the answer.

26. Make Origami
Try making different types of origami in various shapes.

27. Kid and Adult Coloring
Indoor activities for kids and families don’t always have to be active. Are the kids getting too rowdy? Buying some kids coloring books and adult coloring books are a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon. It’s even scientifically proven to reduce stress.

28. Camping Indoors
Make some smores and breakout those sleeping bags. You can even play pretend games at your campsite or tell scary stories and see who gets the most spooked.

29. Pillow Fight
Simple way to get some energy out and tire out the kiddos.

30. Indoor Bowling
Set up a bowling area in a section of your house with some items that are easy to knock down. Create it in a way that’s like actual bowling and see who wins!


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