garden hen

credit: @garden_hen Instagram

Something interesting has been happening during the COVID-19 pandemic that has Houstonians quite eggcited.

It turns out there’s been an uptick in the interest of raising chickens in an urban setting, and now a local business is making it easier for those residents to accomplish that goal.

This week, Michael and Nicole Graham open “The Garden Hen,” a showroom, chicken-themed art gallery, and retail store where you can buy everything you need to safely raise chickens — and look cool doing it!

The Grahams have been in the chicken business since 2012, but this is their first storefront. The shop, located at 10142 Jones Road, combines the retail portion with an art gallery packed with chicken art, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The Garden Hen store officially opens to the public on Tuesday, August 11 after a soft opening this past weekend.

What can you buy at The Garden Hen? Shop everything from chickens and fresh eggs to ready-made chicken coops or custom coops built to your specifications. A ready-made coop starts at about $600 with customized coops getting a bit costlier.

Of course, we have to talk about the chicken-themed art gallery called “The Nest” at The Garden Hen shop. The gallery features chicken-inspired pieces by local artists that include Patti Lennon, Taft McWhorter, Denis O’Donnell, Leah Jordan Art, and David Rangel.

The Grahams hope to share their passion for chickens with the world. They’re using a section of the building to create episodes for their reality TV show, “City Chickens.”

The facility is open Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 832-722-2249 or visit for more information.