This is a trying time for everyone globally and the Houston Texans want to bring a little sunshine to the students of Houston during this time.

Among the coronavirus pandemic, schools across the United States have taken to online meetings to prevent the spread of the virus. Now, many Houston area schools have continued this use.

Well Toro, the mascot of the beloved Houston Texans, has got a little surprise for the students and educators of Houston.

While schools across the Houston area have taken to online learning, Toro the Texans mascot has offered to make a guest appearance for students. This is in effort to bring some light to the situation we’re all in, especially students and teachers.

Toro the mascot and the Houston Texans made this announcement via their Twitter account. They stated that they are offering to surprise students by making an appearance on Zoom calls.

Zoom is the platform used by many schools and Universities during this time. It enables students and teachers / professors to communicate via a video chat so that all students can participate in lectures at once.

In a Tweet below, Toro states that teachers that are holding Zoom meetings can email the time of their meeting and he’ll make a guest starring appearance.

If you want Toro to make a guest appearance on your Zoom call this week make sure to send an email to

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