Photo credit: Girl Scouts FacebookDo you miss those delicious Thin Mints and Carmel deLites? Well we’ve got some good news coming your way among this whole coronavirus pandemic. Girl Scout Cookies is now available online for home delivery.

Girl Scouts of USA has made it a mission to bring a little bit of sweet sunshine to everyone’s home. The organization announced on Friday that it will now be selling Girl Scout Cookies online that will be available for home delivery.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has put the United States on hold, the peak of Girl Scout Cookie season was forced to suspend its in-person sales. This means that all activities and events pertaining to the organization have also been put on hold, delaying the sales of cookies.

In order to comply with the stay at home order and social distancing regulations Girl Scouts of USA has been forced to comply with the public safety requirements. But, Girl Scouts of USA has made its delicious cookies available via the organization’s website.

Girl Scouts of the USA CEO Sylvia Acevedo announced in a statement that, “For 108 years, Girl Scouts has been there in times of crisis and turmoil.”

She also stated, “And today we are stepping forward with new initiatives to help girls, their families, and consumers connect, explore, find comfort, and take action.”

Girl Scouts of USA has also launched a new campaign titled Girl Scouts Cookie Care program. This program, which enables customers to order their cookies, cost $5 per box and can be delivered directly to customers homes. To see a list of nearby options, visit the organization’s website and enter your zip code.

If you can’t have cookies for health concerns or any other reasons you can also donate the cookies to first responders and volunteers.

The Girl Scouts organization stated that the very popular Cookie Program is the “financial lifeblood” that helps to deliver great programming to 1.7 million girls.

“By buying and donating cookies, Girl Scout Cookie fans are helping sustain our life-changing programs for girls — and bringing joy and comfort to those on the frontlines of this crisis,” Acevedo said in a statement.

Order your cookies here. If you have any questions about ordering cookies, you can email