The Houston Grand Opera invites you to an exciting event occurring on the 22nd of January. 

Tune into Giving Voice on HGO Digital for a breathtaking night to remember. Taking place on a Friday, the evening will be filled with performances by a wide array of talented and renowned vocalists. 

Of these include Lawrence Brownlee, one of opera’s leading performers on an international scale. Brownlee is well known for his activism and advocacy in terms of diversity within the industry. In addition, the opera singer has made a large impact on the industry by promoting classical music accessibility and its digital advancements.  

The event will also highlight Nicole Heaston, a highly acclaimed soprano who has built an impressive relationship with the Houston Grand Opera over the years. Heaston began her connection with HGO as a member of Houston Grand Opera Studio. Come April, Heaston will star in her own Houston Grand Opera Digital Live event. 

This evening is inspired by a similar program that took place last year: Giving Voice: Lawrence Brownlee and Friends Sing Opera, Gospel, and Standards. As the name suggests, the original program sought to raise awareness and promote diversity within the opera industry. The sold-out show was a smash hit — and rightfully so. 

This month, Lawrence Brownlee and Nicole Heaston are back ?— this time joined by an all-new cast of stars. The anticipated concert will be available through live streaming starting at 7:30 P.M on January 22nd. To grab a seat, simply sign into HGO.org! Admission is completely free and accessible to all.