abbott reopening texas

On Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott discussed the increase in coronavirus cases across the state. While the state continues to work through a reopening in order to help Texans maintain their livelihoods, the fight to do so while containing the spread of the virus grows tougher by the day.

In a press conference this afternoon, Governor Abbott said the coronavirus was spreading at “an unacceptable rate” and that more would have to be done to keep residents safe while also ensuring businesses were able to continue to operate.

While Abbott continued to say that a statewide order requiring all Texans to wear a mask wouldn’t be put in place, citing the difficulty in enforcing such a rule across 254 counties with different levels of the spread of the virus, he strongly encouraged Texans to do their part by wearing a mask whenever they go out and social distancing isn’t possible.

“Wearing a mask will help us to keep Texas open. Not wearing a mask will ultimately lead to the closure of more businesses,” the governor said. “I know some people think wearing a mask is inconvenient or an infringement on freedom, but I also know it will keep Texas open.”

Harris and many other counties across the state have instituted masks requirements to help slow the virus spread, and bars and restaurants that aren’t following social distancing guidelines are starting to see penalties for their lack of compliance.

Gov. Abbott also reminded Texans to continue practicing good hygiene, including frequent hand washing, using hand sanitizers where available, and wearing facial coverings when out in public. He also advised Texans to stay home if they don’t need to be out.