Governor Greg Abbott waives STAAR testingOn March 19th, Governor Gregg Abbott issued an executive order that closed restaurants, bars, gyms, and schools across the state of Texas. Now the Governor is planning for the return of some businesses.

We’ve learned Governor Abbott plans on signing an executive order Friday, April 17 that will map out guidelines to how some businesses in Texas can begin to reopen. The Governor’s Office confirmed on Wednesday that this will take place on Friday.

“I will be providing an executive order talking about what will be done in Texas about reopening Texas businesses,” Abbott said. “We will focus on protecting lives while restoring livelihoods. We can and we must do this.”

No details were given on the order, so there is currently no known timeline or information on which businesses will be allowed to reopen.  However, Governor Abbott did say “we have to articulate strategies about ways we can do this safely.”

The governor told KVUE in Austin that the executive order will cover “how we’re going to go about this process of opening up businesses, and that must include the appropriate medical strategies to make sure that we are not going to be increasing the spread of the coronavirus.”

For now, the state’s essential businesses order remains in effect through April 30th.