Texas parks closed


Starting Tuesday evening, all Texas state parks, and historic sites will be closed until further notice, in hopes of curbing the spread of COVID-19.

Texas Governor, Greg Abbott has ordered the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department along with the Texas Historical Commission to close any and all state-run parks and historical sites. The goal of these closures is to promote social distancing. It’s also meant to reduce public gatherings that often include larger groups of people.

All state historic sites and parks will close to members of the public as of 5 pm on Tuesday. Currently there is no known date for when the parks and historic sites will be able to reopen. When the sites reopen it will be at the direction of the Governor. No definitive reopening date is available at this time, though it’s presumed that they will remain closed until the coronavirus is less of a threat to the community.

During the decision to close these public spaces, the Governor pointed out, “social distancing is our best tool to curb the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.” Governor Abbott went on to say, “the temporary closure of our state parks and historic sites will help us achieve this goal by preventing the gathering of large groups of people.” The Governor “urges all Texans to continue to stay at home except for essential services as we respond to COVID-19.” Following these orders will better allow Texans to “overcome this challenge together.”

At the time of this article, over 7,200 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed throughout Texas. Of these confirmed cases, 140 deaths have been reported. Currently, a vaccine is not available and the best way to avoid exposure is to remain at home unless you need to go out for essential needs like groceries or medical supplies.