Nearly every facet of our daily lives is currently affected by the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. No matter how many events, gathering places, and schools are shut down, however, grocery stores have to stay open. To ensure shoppers and store employees remain as safe as possible during the current coronavirus outbreak, H-E-B is installing protective partitions that ensure social distancing between checkout counter clerks and shoppers. The move is the latest in a series of policies the grocer has rolled out to ensure its shoppers stay safe and well-stocked in these tough times.

The protective partitions consist of a clear plastic panel placed in front of checkout clerks, ensuring a safe distance and helping to prevent airborne particles from being shared between customers and employees. Houston stores were the first in the state to have the shields installed, and stores across the state will be getting the partitions in days to come.

H-E-B has published a press release reassuring Texans that H-E-B is “ready and here for Texas” and that the store chain is “going above and beyond our already-strict protocols to sanitize our stores to create a safer shopping experience.” In addition to the safety partitions installed at checkout counters, H-E-B has also made hand sanitizer and basket/cart wipes available for customers. H-E-B employees is currently training all of its employees in new enhanced hygiene and personal wellness measures.

Like many grocery stores across the nation, H-E-B is also enforcing limits on certain products to ensure that all Texans have access to necessities during these difficult times. H-E-B spokesperson Julie Bedingfield says that despite short-term shortages on some shelves, the chain’s warehouses remain “packed” with supplies and will continue to be in the long-term. “It’s just as matter of getting trucks back to stores as quickly as customers are shopping in stores,” Bedingfield said.

Remember: the coronavirus outbreak affects us all. Don’t panic buy, adhere to all social distancing guidelines, and, above all else, stay calm. We’ll all get through this together.