hertz car sale bankruptcy

The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for many businesses to navigate. But the silver lining for consumers is, with many businesses struggling to attract customers right now, there are so many great deals going on tooEspecially if you actually were on the hunt for a new car.  

One of those businesses to add to the list is HERTZ, the widely known rental car company. Due to having to file for bankruptcy following a dramatic drop in cars being rented during the pandemic, the company is selling its fleet of cars at a major discount. Many of the vehicles are 2018 and 2019 models with low mileage.

You can shop the cars online and they’ll be delivered within a 75-mile radius.

There are even some great tools to help you figure out which car is the best one for you. For example, iSeeCars has taken to evaluating the best deals at HERTZ right now.  

While getting a new car at a great price during a pandemic might not be how you thought you’d spend your money, if you have the money to spend then why not?

But how good are the actual deals?  

According to an analysis of 20,000 cars listing by HERTZ during May, their BMW 7 Series sedan is nearly 14 percent below market value.  

And if you’re looking for a more practical car that’s in your price range, they even have a subcompact Nissan Versa Note hatchback that’s 12 percent below the average selling price. 

The CEO of iSeeCarsPhong Ly said, “The vehicles with the greatest discounts are a mix of vehicle types across a wide range of price points, so shoppers in the market for a late-model used vehicle should consider these cars.”  

And because luxury vehicles aren’t rented that often, that means you can get one lightly used for an amazing price! What a steal.  

Make sure to check out the site before buying to get statistics. Happy shopping!