hisd new grading policy

With schools across the city (and the country for that matter) closed down, students have been forced to adapt to the new reality of distance education at home. The transition to learning from home has been challenging for everybody — teachers, parents, and students alike. In light of these challenges, the Houston Independent School District has announced it will be changing its grading policy for the remainder of the school year to help ensure students’ grades don’t suffer while learning from home.

A press release from HISD details the new policy:

“To ensure that students’ grades are not negatively impacted due to the need for online instruction in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • No district grades taken after March 12, 2020 can negatively impact a student’s overall average for the course.  
  • If a student’s grade in the final grading cycle negatively impacts their overall final grade in a course, that final cycle grade will be omitted in the calculation of the final grade for the course.
  • Individual schools have discretion for class assignments and grading, but they have been asked to be flexible and understanding of the burdens and limitations that COVID-19 has placed on students and families.”

In other words, a student’s overall grade average cannot be negatively impacted by the work they have been doing from home during this shutdown, and schools and teachers will be flexible in working with students and families who might be struggling or limited in their ability to adapt to this new digital school environment.

The district also encourages parents and students who are unable to submit their schoolwork digitally at this time to save all completed assignments in one place until their school or the district announces plans for turning the assignments in.

More details about grading and HISD’s overall response to COVID-19 can be found at Houstonisd.org/HealthAlerts.