arboretum virtual summer camps

No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses and community organizations to think outside the box as everyone from 9-5 workers to grade-school students continues to stay put at home.

One organization — the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center — has found great success in its virtual summer camps, which offer interactive programming that allow campers to participate and learn indoors and outdoors at their own home. And with many schools delaying their start as the virus continues to take a toll on Houston and the rest of the country, the arboretum is doubling down on those virtual camps.

The organization announced this week it’s adding four additional weeks of its Virtual Summer Camp beginning Aug. 10 through Sept. 4. For $125, campers can take advantage of four great programs:

  • Aug. 10-14: Spiders & Arachnids: Learn about the Green Lynx, Brown Recluse, Golden Orb and Black Widow — everything spiders! This camp is a week of exploring spiders through stories, hands-on crafts, games and field investigations.
  • Aug. 17-21: Survivor: Learn all you need to know about surviving in the great outdoors. This fun program teaches campers about building a basic shelter, using echolocation to find food and navigating with a compass.
  • Aug. 24-28: WOW! The Wonders of Water: Learn about water cycles, take a wetland safari, discover water creatures and participate in water labs.
  • Aug. 31- Sept. 4: Creative by Nature: Find the unique connections between art and nature as campers use the world around them for creative inspiration. While going on hikes, you’ll find things in nature to create beautiful art, including materials for hiking sticks, mud paintings and flower presses.

The arboretum provides campers with kits to accompany the virtual lessons.

Some parents have actually said the virtual setting was perfect for their child because it allowed them to work at their own pace.

To learn more, visit their website here, or call 713-681-8433.