hand sanitizer

One Houston company is stepping up to help out with one of the country’s most critical shortages created by the sudden spread of the coronavirus. To help out with at least one of the shortages, Houston’s own Gulf Coast Distillers has begun making alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

The coronavirus outbreak has affected nearly every facet of our daily lives. No matter who you are, you have no doubt been impacted by business and school closures and are (hopefully) practicing social distancing in order to prevent potential spread of the virus. Unfortunately, many parts of America’s infrastructure were unprepared for the sudden appearance and spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, leaving crucial medical supplies and products in high demand and short supply. Among the most in-demand products currently is alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which has virtually vanished from store shelves.

“As the coronavirus concerns have grown over the past week, and the supply of important health items has become sparse, we have decided to shift a significant part of our production resources to help our community in this time of need,” Gulf Coast Distillers’ president & CEO Carlos de Aldecoa said a statement this week.

Gulf Coast Distillers operates out of Houston’s East End and produces BJ Hooker’s vodka and Giant Texas bourbon, among other spirits. Their distillery and bottling equipment is perfectly suited for the production of hand sanitizer, and many other distilleries across the country are likewise stepping up to help out during this time of need.

Gulf Coast Distillers is only one of many local businesses and organizations to offer aid during this critical time. The Children’s Museum of Houston is hosting free online education programming for kids home from school, Lakewood Church is hosting an emergency blood drive, and several local restaurants are offering free food for people who have lost their jobs due to virus-related shutdowns.