Houston Grand Opera Presents Holiday Sing-Along at at Discovery Green

The holidays and music go together like the holidays and overeating. Nothing can arouse the holiday magic and spirit quite like the special songs we have for the holiday time, and some of our favorite holiday memories are tied with the music of the season. To help ignite the holiday spirit inside all of us, the Houston Grand Opera is presenting Transforming the Human Spirit through Song, a holiday sing-along at Discovery Green designed to highlight the universal themes of humanity and hope this holiday season.

Transforming the Human Spirit through Song is part of the Seeking the Human Spirit Initiative, a six-year multidisciplinary program launched by the Houston Grand Opera which seeks to expand and deepen Houstonians’ connections to opera and art. The performance at Discovery Green will feature members of the Houston Grand Opera chorus and studio and will be led by Music Director and Composer-in-Residence Damien Sneed. Together, these HGO members will present beautiful and touching holiday music and the audience will be encouraged to sing along during what is sure to be one of the best family-friendly holiday events of the season.

The performance will coincide with several other events at Discovery Green: GUST, a unique site-specific art exhibit which transforms the wind itself into explosions of color; and Flea by Night, a one-of-a-kind monthly outdoor market full of artful kitsch, vintage items, mid-century modern furniture, recycled and repurposed items and collectibles, and crafts by local artisans and designers. Flea by Night is one of the most eclectic things to do in Houston on the weekend and strolling the flea market alongside the Houston Grand Opera is sure to make for a unique experience.

Transforming the Human Spirit through Song will be held at Discovery Green on Saturday, December 15 at 7:00 p.m. at the Hess Deck, 1500 McKinney St., Houston, 77010. The performance is free to the public and open to all ages.