Houston Ranked Among Top Cities For Work From Home Value

As per LawnStarter’s report, Houston ranks 11th among “Best Cities for Work from Home Value” ranking.

Which is the best US city for remote workers? If you have asked this question, read on to find out.

As the global covid-19 pandemic shuttered offices around the world, millions of Americans in the workforce slowly adjusted to working remotely. While remote work comes with advantages like better work-life balance, less commute stress, increased productivity, and others;  kitchen tables and Zoom screens isn’t exactly ideal or sustainable. 

Outdoor services and lawn maintenance firm LawnStarter has ranked the 120 biggest housing markets in the US to find out where the “untethered class” can get the most value for their buck. The “untethered class,” is composed of workers who are employed in remote-friendly occupations, but also are not tied down by homeownership or family obligations.

The study factors in 20 prime metrics including, home and yard sizes, fluctuations in sale and rent prices, and telework-friendliness and which cities offer incentives to remote workers, among others. Based on their overall scores (out of 100 possible points), averaged across all the weighted metrics, cities were assigned a “Best Cities for Work from Home Value” ranking. 

While Tulsa, Oklahoma, has bagged the top spot in this standalone ranking of the Best Cities for “Work from Home Renter” ranking, Houston, Texas has secured the 10th spot; in fact, Texas has claimed half of the top 20 cities, including four cities to the top 10. Houston has also earned the modest 19th spot in the “Work from Home Buyer” ranking.  

What makes Houston and other Texas Cities the best for Work From Home Value?

What makes Texas stand apart? Cities in the Lone Star State have scored high marks on buyer and renter-friendliness and incentives offered by cities to attract remote workers. For example Houston which ranked 10th out of 120 cities scored well on renter-friendliness, and remote worker friendliness. 

Experts say, remote workers are fleeing the big cities for quieter, more affordable towns. That has has led to suburban real estate markets to grow manifold, bidding wars, and empty apartment buildings in urban spaces. But local housing markets show signs of cooling, while rental markets have begun stabilizing, which suggests demand is starting to taper off. So, now is the right time to take the leap if you’re on the hunt for a bigger space without burning through all your savings. 

The study will help remote workers navigate how to cut down living expenses by saving the most cash on rent. Click here to view how each city fared in the “Best Cities for Work from Home Value”  ranking.


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