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Paying full price for anything these days is like throwing money down the drain! There are so many ways to save, you can find tips and tricks for almost any product or service. Getting the best price always begins with doing your research but beyond comparing prices, what does that mean? Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, we’re here to help you find the best deals for cheap hotels in Houston.

Read more below for our top tips for getting the best hotel deals in Houston while still staying in a great place:


Research the area where you want to stay

You don’t want to book what looks like a beautiful hotel room online only to find out you aren’t in a safe part of town. Consider whether you want a hotel close to the attractions- paying daily for an Uber can eat of the savings of booking a cheaper hotel. On the other hand, a hotel in a different neighborhood might have a large price difference with only a short walk to the action. Spend some time online getting a sense for the things you want to do, where they’re located, and try to find a well-reviewed hotel near that area in a safe part of town. After all, the last thing you want is a cheap hotel in Houston in a part of town you don’t feel safe in.


Compare to find the best hotel deals in Houston

Once you know the area, compare budget sites like Priceline,, and TripAdvisor to find cheap Houston hotels. Open multiple tabs on your web browser so you can compare prices all at once. You’d be surprised how often the same hotel is priced totally different from one site to the next. So, compare carefully rather than just assuming one site will be better than another. Become a member of these websites so you can rack up points and get even better jotel deals in Houston.

Here’s a pro tip: Clear your cookies and browsing history so that you’re seeing the most up to date information. You can also try searching from multiple computers or by using a VPN with different IP addresses. Sometimes, hotels and travel sites offer different deals based on where you live.

Once you’ve run your comparisons on these budget hotel deals sites, check the actual hotel’s website and compare those prices to what you’ve already found. Hotels often have their own loyalty programs where you can earn points for each stay and get freebies or upgrades just for being a member. If you like to visit the area often, check their prices on a regular basis so you have an idea of their average price.


Bundle your services

In addition to just searching for cheap hotels in Houston, sites like allow you to choose any combination of hotel, car rental, and airfare for lower than you would pay for each service separately. This is definitely worth looking into if you’re booking a trip where you’ll need all of those services, especially since Houston is such a big city and driving is almost always required.


Use Google Maps to Find Unlisted Hotels

A simple Google search can help you in more than one way. You can use Google Maps to research the neighborhood and to find hotels which aren’t part of a budget-saving site like Some hotels do not want to pay a membership fee to budget sites and instead offer discounts directly to the customer. Brand new hotels sometimes offer specials to get folks in the door. On Google, you can also find any hotel’s direct line rather than their 1- 800 number. Negotiate with the hotel directly by asking them to beat whatever deal you found online. This is also a great time to ask about cancellation fees and other hidden costs or to clarify information found on budget sites like TripAdvisor.


Take advantage of perks you already have

Chances are you already have access to some discounts on hotels that you might not even be aware of. Look into perks for AAA membership or through your insurance programs. Call your credit card company and ask about using points towards hotels. Discounts are often available for members of the armed forces as well. Don’t forget to ask about reciprocal points- some hotels give you points for using Uber and Uber will give you points for staying at one of their preferred hotels.


Let them know you’re special!

Call the hotel and tell them if you’re a social media influencer or if you’re visiting for a special occasion like your birthday or anniversary. You can also refer your friends for a discount in the future or ask about group rates.


Hack your timing

We all know that visiting during the off-season means better rates on hotels and airfare. But did you know about the cancellation time hack? Look up the hotel’s cancellation policy and book within that window for the lowest price. Ultimately, hotels want to be full so if someone else cancels, you might get their room at a discount.


Go big or go home!

We’ve saved our best money- saving tip for last: Check VRBO. Vacation Rentals By Owner often has great deals on larger properties. Sometimes booking with them is even cheaper than a hotel room but you get the whole house to yourself! Because the owner often stays in these homes when they aren’t renting it out, you’re sure to get better amenities like super comfy beds or being close to the beach.


What are your favorite money-saving tips for booking a cheap hotel? Let us know in the comments below!